[uf-discuss] Micro Summary

Paul Kinlan paul.kinlan at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 13:15:54 PDT 2007


> I think the problem statement first needs clarification.  As you
> point out, meta descriptions already provide summary information
> about web pages.  What exactly are the problems with meta
> descriptions, and how would micro-summary solve them?

I agree I think the problem needs to be clearly defiend.  My problem
in particular is that I need to display useful information about the
target link.  Meta description useage is fairly limited from some
simple measurements I have made and from my "target demographic".  A
micro summary would be useful for visability reasons i.e I can display
on my results the same summary that is on the target page.

> If there's a compelling use case (for publishers, not just consumers)

I have always had this problem about microformats is that in my opinon
the only way to get publishers to use them is to have consumers
explictly state that the consume them.  But, by the by, I intend to
consume them in this project :)

> the next
> step is to collect examples of current publishing of this type of
> information.  Then we can start analyzing both whether there's enough
> of it to be worth continuing, and if so, how we might structure it to
> be more machine-readable.

Agreed, but I am a bit impetoues and I want it now!! :) I think what I
will do (and is probably the suggested way) is use what we already
have, having read some of the stuff on the wiki I think I can make use
of several existing formats (as suggested by brian).  And although the
usage of such formats appears limited at the moment I can either get
the microformat community to use my site (as long as it is usefull I
suppose) and then if other people want to use the site they can
implent microformats on their site too!

> Peace,
> Scott

Kind Regards

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