[uf-discuss] Re: Simple solution to abbr-D-P accessibility concerns: 'Title Trigger'

Toby A Inkster mail at tobyinkster.co.uk
Fri Aug 17 05:41:31 PDT 2007

Andy Mabbett wrote:

> Here's a proposal, for a "title trigger", an alternative to the
> abbr-design pattern.

This is a reasonably good solution. For what it's worth, I'm
waiting until this very long-standing issue has been resolved
before implementing hCalendar and hAtom for my CMS software.
(It already supports XMDP, XFN, rel-tag, rel-license and hCard.)

Really, microformats.org needs to "bless" one of the many
replacements for the abbr-design-pattern. I'm sure I'm not the
only one who's waiting for a clear direction before proceeding.

PS: I'm still looking for feedback on my metadata profile
<http://demiblog.org/schemes/metadata?ver=0.2.3>. Does it comply
with the spirit of the XMDP spec (I know it slightly deviates from
the letter)? How about GRDDL?

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