[uf-discuss] iPhone Developer Meeting in Berkeley w/ focus onMicroformats

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Being in the UK, it is hard to get excited or quite understand
everything iPhone - I'm not an iPhone basher trawling, merely sitting on
the fence. A few questions banding about my head over this:

In essence, are you saying lets produce a microformat that describes
webpages written for Safari (iPhone version)?

By extrapolation, is it therefore acceptable to discuss a microformat
that describes webpages written for IE5.5? 

microformat principles:

* solve a specific problem - What's the problem here?
* design for humans first, machines second - This to mean seems all
about the machine?

Would this be the first microformat that is specifically written for a
specific browser, operating system and piece of hardware?


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Here's the event link:


It's taking place at the new coworking space in Berkeley. Topics of

* A microformat for describing iPhone webapp services. This could
include icon, description, pointers to special web pages, etc.
* Support of various microformat standards like hCard.
* An iPhone standard UI and examples for OpenID.
* Exploration of what we can do usefully with Safari Canvas.

Just an FYI.


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