[uf-discuss] Spliting the Address of Vcard

Tom Byers tombaromba at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 07:47:10 PDT 2007

Hi, I'm trying to mark-up some addresses I have on a web-page with the
hcard but it is proving difficult due to the order of the address
elements. What I have is something that looks like this on screen:

Glasgow 01889 667 542
27 church road G12 3HH

More tags can be added but the problem is that the telephone number is
in the middle of address elements - this part of the mark-up cannot be

I have tried to enclose the Glasgow locality within a span with the
adr class applied but Operator only seems the first adr declaration
and just stores the locality as the address reference.
The question, I suppose, is is it possible to split up the address
class? If not, I fear I won't be using this format as much as I'd like
to which would be a shame

If this is a simple issue answered in the documentation, apologies but
please direct me to where there is an answer - otherwise, is the hcard
really this strict?

Thanks for the help


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