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Sun Aug 26 13:43:26 PDT 2007

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>I've joined the list to see how I can help evangelize


>microformats are a VERY important tool for site builders

That's true!

>Francine Hardaway, Ph.D.
>Stealthmode Partners

On that page, if you change the existing mark-up:

        <p><br />
        <font size="4"><b>Contact Us</b></font></p>

        <p>602.910.5622 Phone<br />
        602.218.5272 Fax</p>

        <p>info at stealthmode.com</p>

        <p>2438 East Whitton Avenue<br />
        Phoenix, AZ 85016</p>

        <p>Stealthmode Partners - we help accelerate your success.</p>


        <div class="vcard">

        <p><br />
        <font size="4"><b>Contact Us</b></font></p>

        <p><span class="tel">602.910.5622</span> Phone<br />
        <span class="tel"><span class="value">602.218.5272</span> <span

        <p class="email">info at stealthmode.com</p>

        <p class="adr"><span class="street-address">2438 East Whitton
        Avenue</span><br />
        <span class="locality">Phoenix</span>, <span
        class="postal-code"><abbr title="Arizona"
        class="region">AZ</span> 85016</span></p>

        <p><span class="fn org">Stealthmode Partners</span> - we help
        accelerate your success.</p>


then you will have a working hCard microformat, so that people can
download your contact details straight into their digital address book.

I'd be happy to explain what the addition mean and how it all works, but
I don't know your current level of knowledge and don't want to patronise

Andy Mabbett

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