[uf-discuss] Microformats UI in Firefox 3

Farndon, Tony tony.farndon at forestry.gsi.gov.uk
Tue Aug 28 01:33:36 PDT 2007

Not sure I quite understand this (so a good example of a general
'blogger' wanting to put uf on their blog/site), are you saying that the
blogger/webmaster is deciding the actions rather than fx3 or an Operator
like extension. Using your example code, would I be required to put in a
multitude of actions at the webpage level:

<div class="user-action" style="visibility:hidden">Add to Address
<div class="user-actionB" style="visibility:hidden">View Address in
Google Maps</div>
<div class="user-actionC" style="visibility:hidden">View Address in
Yahoo Maps</div>
<div class="user-actionD" style="visibility:hidden">Add to some Address
Book Website</div>

Then, along comes another web service/app and I have to go back and add
another user agent to all my previously marked-up uf

<div class="user-actionE" style="visibility:hidden">Add to some other
Address Book Website</div>

A bad analogy, but is this not slightly akin to target="_blank" which
imho is wrongly taking the decision of the browser/user away and forcing
it upon them?


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