[uf-discuss] Firefox watershed: new mailing list (and newsgroup) for publishers?

Thom Shannon thom at ts0.com
Thu Aug 30 04:22:05 PDT 2007

maybe a web based forum would be better? it's what less techie people 
are used to

Andy Mabbett wrote:
> Once Firefox three launches, and microformats are not only more widely
> available to end users, but inevitably discussed more widely on-line and
> in the media, there is almost certainly going to be an increase in the
> number of publishers wanting to use microformats their websites.
> Such publishers are currently directed to this list which, it may be may
> foreseen, is likely to be swamped by repetitive "how do I..." questions.
> In order that this list remain available for its current uses, I suggest
> that setting up a -publish mailing list, and directing publishers to that,
> should be done, *before* the Firefox 3 launch. A FAQ could be posted there
> on a frequency to be determined.
> Of course, we cannot know how many new subscribers there will be, but it
> will be far easier to use a new list set up in advance, than to move them
> all if and when this list is swamped. In the unlikely event that such
> publishers do not appear, the list can be merged back into this one.
> It may also be worth considering one or two (publishing & consuming)
> .microformats newsgroups, under the existing mozilla.* hierarchy.

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