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>> I would too, but someone else may know of a good reason for limiting
>> it to one geo per hCard.
>In short: they mean different things.  As Kevin Marks pointed out, GEO
>is for physical location.

I don't know of many addresses which do not have a physical location.

If GW Bush has an hCard, with one adr for the White House and another
for Camp David, both have physical locations and both have coordinates.
Or are publishers expected to equip him with a homing device, and
dynamically update the coordinates of /his/ (as opposed to his
addresses') as he moves around?

What about companies, with physical locations in two or more cities?

>Similar questions have come up before thus I have gone ahead and added
>a new Q&A to the FAQ:

I don't recall community consensus being reached on this issue (please
feel free to provide a URL if I'm wrong); and I don't think the matter
is as clear-cut as your edit implies.

The problem is that the geo currently relates to the subject of the
hCard and not to each adr within it.

Note also that publishers are *already* using coordinates (both in Geo,
and elsewhere) for entities other than points, such as buildings, hills,
lakes, cities, counties, etc.

I think this issue might need to go on:


if not:




Andy Mabbett

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