[uf-discuss] hCalendar, geo & Operator extension

John Panzer jpanzer at acm.org
Mon Dec 3 23:13:47 PST 2007

Paul Wilkins wrote:
> On Dec 4, 2007 10:26 AM, Ben Ward <lists at ben-ward.co.uk> wrote:
>> The critical part of the HTML4 spec that causes 'Rayenda, Bangladesh'
>> *not* to be an abbreviation of '22.31119;+89.86145' is this:
>> "The content of the ABBR and ACRONYM elements specifies the
>> abbreviated expression itself, as it
>> would normally appear in running text. The title attribute of
>> these elements may be used to provide
>> the full or expanded form of the expression."
>> "as it would normally appear in running text."
> For the ABBR element to be use properly the title attribute would need
> to contain not a single point coordinate, but a representation of the
> Rayenda area itself. While this could be done by combining the
> techniques for image map poly coordinates with actual geo-coordinates,
> this needs to be more carefully and fully thought out.
I've been asked how to handle this case (you have an area, or an inexact 
location, and want to encode it while providing a friendly human 
readable but possibly ambiguous short hand name for said place).  Is 
there any existing practices to look at? 

Secondly, would this be a valid geo encoding 'abbreviation' ?

<abbr title='22.31119;+89.86145'>the point under my finger right now</abbr>


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