[uf-discuss] Re: Jeremy's inline friend link pattern

Edward O'Connor hober0 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 10:18:50 PST 2007

Jeremy wrote:

> 	I was chatting with <cite class="vcard"><abbr class="fn"
> title="Tantek Çelik"><a class="url" rel="friend met colleague"
> href="http://tantek.com/">Tantek</a></abbr></cite> yesterday.
> So, quick straw poll: does that look a reasonable use of the CITE
> element?

I think it depends on the surrounding text. If the next sentence is "He
made a really interesting point about <a rel='tag'
href='...'>microformats</a> that got me thinking blah blah blah," then I
think <cite> is entirely appropriate. But if you just say that you had
lunch with him and that you ordered the curry, there's not even "a vague
description" (in Scott's words) of what you're citing Tantek about.

Scott wrote:

> A source is where something comes from, so we have to have that
> something in order for the referenced object to be a source.  That
> something isn't necessarily a specific quote, but it has to be at  least
> a vague description.  For example, I think "<cite>Tantek</cite>  talked
> about microformats" makes sense because [Tantek] is the source  of [talk
> about microformats].  But "I had lunch with <cite>Tantek</ cite>"
> doesn't make sense (without additional context) because here  the
> referenced object [Tantek] is not the source of anything.

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