[uf-discuss] [admin] Notice of community ban

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Wed Dec 12 10:29:41 PST 2007

In message <5C39C54B-03F3-4115-96BC-7FA5C02396B9 at allinthehead.com>, Drew 
McLellan <lists at allinthehead.com> writes

>This is an email regarding Andy Mabbett's recent and persistent 
>negative conduct within the microformats community. Namely:
>* Unpleasant and overly-aggressive communication with members of the 
>community on both [mf-new]


> and in private email

I wasn't aware that my private e-mail was any of your (collective) 
business; but since you consider that it is, what are you going to do 
about the person, from this community, who has twice sent me offensive 
e-mails, suggesting that I seek psychiatric help?

>* Engaging in wiki edit wars

It takes two (at least) to do so. If I did that (and I note again that 
no evidence is provided, and no supposed broken rules cited), where are 
the sanctions against the other party/ies?

>* Excessive argumentativeness for the sake of debate

If you're going to take actions based on my supposed reasons for doing 
something (again something uncited and unproven), you're going to need 
to find someone whose telepathic skills are more reliable than whoever 
it is you're using at present. Otherwise, such vague accusations might 
be seen as suggesting that you're inventing arbitrary thought-crimes for 
reasons which are neither neutral or just.

>These are traits he has been warned about before

That's a lie.

>and for which has  been previously banned.

As is that.

> They are in clear contradiction with the "be  nice" guideline: 

No: there is no "clear contradiction", since both that guideline and 
what I'm accused of a vague and intangible.

And in what way is the implication that I'm a "jerk" in compliance with 
that guideline?

>This behaviour continues to be harmful to the community, and therefore, 
>the admins have concluded there is no other option than to issue Andy 
>with a further 30 day ban from community participation.

Whereby, the partially-anonymous clique which "governs" this initiative 
proves once again that it is unfit to do so.

>With regret, Andy Mabbett, is banned from community participation for a 
>period of 30 days from today.

I regard the expression of regret as totally insincere.

Andy Mabbett

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