[uf-discuss] Solo pursuits and extending Geo

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Wed Dec 12 10:48:53 PST 2007

A while ago, Tantek Celik relegated "Species" and the "Geo Extension"
(and other initiatives), to a "solo pursuits" section of the
"exploratory discussions" page:


I find this distinction arbitrary and unnecessarily divisive.


I have restored the "Species" initiative, because there is clearly wider
support, not least its implementation in Operator, and on Wikipedia.


The support for extending Geo (to include elevation/ altitude;
boundaries, routes and trails, and other bodies such as the Moon and
Mars) is perhaps less obvious, but there have been comments from several
interested parties:


I would therefore invite anyone interested in further work to develop
Geo in one or more of the above three ways, to express their interest
here, and. or on the relevant wiki pages.

Andy Mabbett

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