Precise Expansion Patterns (was: Re: [uf-discuss] Hcalendar in

Tantek Ç elik tantek at
Fri Dec 14 15:07:47 PST 2007

On 12/14/07 1:13 PM, "Paul Wilkins" <pmw57 at> wrote:

> Will you be contesting the date pattern as well? If the date pattern
> is acceptable then the time pattern is directly acceptable as well
> through the very same standards.

Not necessarily.

In fact, it has been reasonably hypothesized that YYYY-MM-DD is the most
cross-cultural, cross-ability, cross-language accessible / readable /
understandable date format (in comparison to two digit years, named months,
or randomly ordered year month day as opposed to numerically significant
ordering) and thus is actually desirable in a global (e.g. WORLD-wide-web)

Times have not been subject to the same analysis yet.


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