[uf-discuss] Multi-word tagging

Jim O'Donnell jim at eatyourgreens.org.uk
Sun Dec 30 05:35:04 PST 2007

On 30 Dec 2007, at 02:09, Martin McEvoy wrote:

> On Sat, 2007-12-29 at 23:45 +0000, Andy Mabbett wrote:
>> google+search
> This is the best approach I think if you are building a url "+" is  
> just
> a space, tags I always thought were just single descriptive words  
> and a
> link to the meaning or reference (just my thought)
> ;)
> Martin
I think this has come up before. Delicious uses + to add terms to a  
search via the 'related tags' links on a page.
eg. http://del.icio.us/eatyourgreens/video+music - links tagged with  
the separate tags 'video' and 'music'

So + can indicate a space, but doesn't always. Which means you can't  
necessarily relate a tag on Wikipedia, say, to a tag on flickr or  
delicious. For real fun with tag spaces, have a look at this URL,  
which relates four individual tags (I think) to provide some context  
to the search http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/woolwich/clusters/ 

I think the answer to the original question is - there is no standard  
for encoding spaces in tags, so pick the scheme that works best for  
you. %20 or underscores seem pretty unambiguous to me.


Jim O'Donnell
jim at eatyourgreens.org.uk

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