[uf-discuss] Should microformat features (like rel-tag) have explicit scope?

Derrick Lyndon Pallas derrick at pallas.us
Thu Feb 1 08:44:59 PST 2007

Ciaran McNulty wrote:
> Can I ask what the confusion is?
> If I have a hcard with a rel-tag indicating 'football' in that hCard,
> then the naive interpretation that 'this page has something on it to
> do with football' that your parser will take from it is probably
> correct.

What about an xFolk link with a tag of <http://wikipedia.org/wiki/NSFW>? 
Should that imply that the containing page is not safe for work? Do the 
xFolk entries on unalog imply that unalog is about any of those tags? 
Here's my problem:

rel-tag is reusable. It applies to whatever contains it. Well, except 
under specific circumstances which are documented in the other formats 
in which it has been reused, then it only applies to a sub-container, 
which we didn't mark in a generic way.

I'm just looking for a generic scoping mark. ~D

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