[uf-discuss] Vote on this: rel="me self" to indicate an authoritative hCard

John Allsopp john at westciv.com
Thu Feb 1 16:51:16 PST 2007


(apologies for the tardiness, I'm in one of those old fashioned,  
unconnected airomoplanes)

> "me self" can't be anything but tautological; nor is it appropriate  
> when
> referring to third parties. so:

in English, it is tautological. But restricting the words to their  
roles in XFN and Atom, they mean quite different things - so I'd  
respectfully argue that the construction isn't in this context  

The third party issue (I take it to mean that you can't refer to an  
authoritative third party hCard for someone else using m, which is  
quite correct).
I think that's a separate and more complex issue - how, if at all,  
can you link to an authoritative hCard for someone else. Is there a  
use case - sure - for example, at our conference sites, we markup  
speakers with hCard, and this often includes a link to their blog  
etc. In this case, a link to an authoritative (or perhaps, to be even  
less strict "detailed") hCard may be somethign that is very useful.

> -1
> but isn't this sort of voting better done on the wiki than in a  
> mailing
> list?

"rough consensus" - many more people see this mailing list regularly  
than visit the wiki frequently (I'd suggest) so for gaining a sense  
of rough consensus in a shortish timeframe (my original +1 was  
informal) the mailing list does seem to me to be an appropriate  
location for such straw polls.


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