[uf-discuss] rel="nsfw"

Eran limbo at actcom.co.il
Mon Jan 1 12:03:03 PST 2007

Andy said:
> >The xfolk version could look like this:
> >
> ><div class="xfolkentry">
> >  <a class="taggedlinked" href="http://goatse.cx">check this out!</a>
> >  (<a rel="tag" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NSFW">NSFW</a>)</div
> That would also tag the *linking* page as "NSFW".
> (In fact, that seems to be an issue with xfolk in general...)

Actually I'd say this is an issue with rel-tag in general, you'd have
similar problems with hreview and with any uF that employs rel-tag. The
scope of a tag was left (purposefully) undefined, quoting the abstract
section of rel-tag[1]:

Rel-Tag is one of several MicroFormats. By adding rel="tag" to a hyperlink,
a page indicates that the destination of that hyperlink is an
author-designated "tag" (or keyword/subject) for the current page. Note that
a tag may just refer to a major portion of the current page (i.e. a blog

That last sentence pretty much leaves all interpretation of scope to the
application. In a blog the scope is usually a single post (even if several
posts appear on the same page), in hReview it is the product (or the rating
for the product) and in xFolk it's the page pointed to by the taggedentry


[1] http://microformats.org/wiki/reltag#Abstract

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