[uf-discuss] The Wisdom of Microformats

Costello, Roger L. costello at mitre.org
Wed Jan 3 04:07:15 PST 2007

Hi Folks,

In his book, The Wisdom of Crowds, James Suroweicki says that to
effectively harness the collective intelligence of a crowd - such as
the Web - there needs to be the right balance between:

      - making individual knowledge globally and collectively useful
      - allowing individual knowledge to remain resolutely specific
        and local

It occurs to me that the microformats approach has found the right

      - microformats provide the hooks that enable individual knowledge

        to be collected, aggregated, and processed
      - simultaneously, at the local level web page developers are
        empowered to express their individual knowledge in a fashion 
        that is best suited to their specific problem



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