[uf-discuss] More censorship on the 'wiki'

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Wed Jan 3 15:02:45 PST 2007

In message
<8ad71be30701031449y3bdb963dm4148bcc9bf4e0da3 at mail.gmail.com>, Benjamin
West <bewest at gmail.com> writes

Please don't top post, per

>Off topic rants don't belong on the wiki.  It's not helpful.

I agree, but since my comments were neither off-topic nor ranting,
that's a straw man which we can dispense with.

>Furthermore, questions without answers don't belong on -faq pages.

That's an interesting, but far from irrefutable, opinion. Since I was
requesting answers to them, it's also bordering on being another straw

>  An
>unresolved question is called an issue, and belongs on the -issues

I'm quite confident that both of the *questions* I asked are resolved; I
simply don't know the answers to them.

The censored comment was pointing out that they could have been
answered, in less time than it took to move them (not to mention moving
them, describing them in a derogatory fashion and bleating about having
to do so, in IRC).

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