Scope of tags (Was: [uf-discuss] rel="nsfw")

Kevin Marks kmarks at
Wed Jan 3 16:40:27 PST 2007

On Jan 3, 2007, at 2:08 PM, Andy Mabbett wrote:
> On:
>         <>
>         By adding rel="tag" to a hyperlink, a page indicates that the
>         destination of that hyperlink is an author-designated "tag" (or
>         keyword/subject) for the current page. Note that a tag may just
>         refer to a major portion of the current page
>> certainly
>> aggregators would mark that the page is "about" the term "deceased"
>> but it wouldn´t make an assumption about individual hCards? and
>> depending on the mark-up if Sue is NOT nested inside Fred´s hCard,
>> then there is a distinction between where/what/who the rel-tag is
>> relating.
> There is? Where, on the rel-tag spec, is that made clear?

It's deliberately not defined there. Other microformats that 
incorporate rel-tag for more specific purposes define the scope (eg 
xfolk, hReview, rel-directory)

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