[uf-discuss] rel="tag"

Fil fil at rezo.net
Sat Jan 6 03:06:20 PST 2007

> >      <a rel="tag" href=".../%E3t%E3">&eacute;t&eacute;</a>
> >and other niceties (and consider the charset)
> >You'll also have the case where the link is on an image...
> <a rel="tag" href=".../ee"><abbr title="ee">&eacute;&eacute;</abbr></a>
> and
> <a rel="tag" href=".../ee"><img alt="ee" src="foo.png"></a>
> address both of those problems, respectively.

Thanks. Do you have a reference? It's a bit too much code, btw, it would be
simpler if we could use a[title]

> I have yet, however, to encounter a site that uses the hreflang  
> attribute to
> demarcate links to pages in different languages.

Try http://www.spip.net/

You need a site that is multilingual and automaticaly generated, it's not
game to compare with encoding errors :-P

-- Fil

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