[uf-discuss] Extension to include-pattern

Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 05:21:37 PST 2007

The current include pattern does solve your problems. See below:

On 1/6/07, Jason Karns <karns.17 at osu.edu> wrote:
> <span class="vcard">
>         <span id="firm" class="fn org">3AM Productions</span> is a
>         <span class="note">web design firm</span>
> </span>
> ...
> <span class="vcard">
>         <a class="fn url" href="jason.php" title="see more about
> Jason">Jason Karns</a>
> </span>

--- the rule for FN and ORG is that they need to be the same value, i
don't believe there is a requirement that they be on the same node
(although that saves mark-up), you could do this:

<span id="firm" class="fn"><span class="org">3AM Productions</span></span>

> And later in an employee's hcard, I would like to include the organization
> from the previous hcard. However, due to the overloading of 'fn' and 'org',
> if I were to simply include '#firm' into an employee's hcard (which already
> has 'fn' defined), I would have a conflict with 'fn'.
> <span class="vcard">
>         <a class="fn url" href="jason.php" title="see more about
> Jason">Jason Karns</a>
>         <object data="#firm" class="include"></object>
> </span>

--- because of the singleton property, once a value of FN is found all
subsequent values are ignored, so FN in the include would not be used,
but the FN "Jason Karns" instead.

> My proposal would be to allow any extra hcard classes on the including
> object override the class value on the included subtree.
> ...
> Notice the extra class on the object element. This class would then override
> the classes specified on the included element ('firm'). Thus 'fn org'
> becomes 'organization-name' and possible conflicts are avoided.

--- adding more rules to the include node is not needed and IMHO
complicates things further. There whole include pattern parsing is
still up in the air, if you have specific questions please email the


brian suda

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