[uf-discuss] Operator & AUMP bugs: .htm file name parsed as tag

Ciaran McNulty mail at ciaranmcnulty.com
Wed Jan 10 03:37:13 PST 2007

On 1/9/07, Andy Mabbett <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk> wrote:
> Based on:
>         <http://www.westmidlandbirdclub.com/tag-test.htm>
> which includes rel-tag links to both:
>         <http://www.westmidlandbirdclub.com/site/links.htm#breadcrumb>
>         <http://www.westmidlandbirdclub.com/club/branches.htm>
> Operator and the AUMP are both finding the tags
>         links.htm
>         branches.htm

This is the correct behaviour, as they are the last section of the
URL's path[1].  You might want to look at changing it to
/site/links/index.html and then omitting the latter in your hyperlink,
if you're not able to set up rewrite rules etc.

> I think that, in any case, a tag cannot have a period in it - is that
> so? Perhaps there could be a "sanity check" for valid tags? Though I'm
> not sure that there is a canonical specification for what is and isn't
> valid...

The spec explicitly mentions encoding in Unicode chars[2] so I don't
think there's any inherent limitation on which characters can be in a

In fact, I'd say that this should be something the tagging index
should be looking after (i.e. the uF is agnostic but
westmidlandbirdclub.com can impose their own rules).

-Ciaran McNulty

 [1] http://microformats.org/wiki/rel-tag#Tag_spaces
 [2] http://microformats.org/wiki/rel-tag#Encoding_issues

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