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Thu Jan 11 20:21:53 PST 2007

On 1/11/07 11:16 AM, "Tim White" <tjameswhite at yahoo.com> wrote:

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>> I agree, 'citation' is clearer - can we vote on this?
> + 1 for citation

-1 for citation, it is too generic for a root class name.

I've been trying to capture the methodology used to date for naming in
microformats here:


I started to write a few words on microformats root class names in
particular here:


Unfortunately most of the actual methodology content for root class names in
particular is captured in my brain dump of hCard parsing here:


There is some history in the mailing list on this as well, but as is the
case with email lists, it is difficult to find/search out.

If you look at other "established" / adopted microformats, you'll see that
they have fairly unique-ish root class names as well.

hCalendar - vevent, vcalendar (taken from RFC2445)
hReview - hreview (by pattern extension)
xFolk - xfolkentry (I would have picked just 'xfolk' today, not sure why we
went with xfolkentry)
hListing proposal - hlisting

I believe when Rohit Khare first proposed coming up with a citation
microformat back in 2005 May at the WWW2005 conference in Tokyo, he used
"hBib" or "hCite" (I don't quite remember, perhaps Rohit will see this and
speak up) as a candidate name for the microformat.

Thus here is another suggestion, based on what I remember of Rohit's idea,
for the root class name for the citation microformat:




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