[uf-discuss] [citation] citation root element

Tim White tjameswhite at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 12 03:56:19 PST 2007

> Tantek said:

>-1 for citation, it is too generic for a root class name.
>If you look at other "established" / adopted microformats, you'll see
>they have fairly unique-ish root class names as well.
>hCalendar - vevent, vcalendar (taken from RFC2445)
>hReview - hreview (by pattern extension)
>xFolk - xfolkentry (I would have picked just 'xfolk' today, not sure
>why we
>went with xfolkentry)
>hListing proposal - hlisting

>Thus here is another suggestion, based on what I remember of Rohit's
>for the root class name for the citation microformat:

How about hCitation then? Like the others mention, you know its a format for citations. I could live with hCite as well...

... though if I recall, at one point there was some hCite work going on which was different from the citation efforts. The two were intermingled until Ryan (I believe) sorted out the wiki pages giving us the current citation discussion pages. Has that been merged/renamed?

+1 hCitation
0/+1 hCite
-1 hBib


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