[uf-discuss] More than one value for tel, fax, email?

Webadmin - Tenbus tbadmin at tenbus.co.uk
Fri Jan 19 12:46:55 PST 2007


I'm working with Mark Andrew Jaroski on Wikevent.org. AS you may have
noticed from Mark's posts to this list it is intended to use hCalendar and
hCard extensively.

One snag that we've hit is the problem of having more that one telephone,
fax, and email for Venues.

If you would care to look at <http://wikevent.org/en/Basingstoke/Anvil>,
which is a listing for a live music venue, and also
<http://garyfoot.com/5-venues/venue.php?IDVenue=11> which is the same venue
on my own site. Please notice that venues may well have two different
'phone, fax, and email numbers/addresses.

Any ideas please how we can do this?

Best regards!

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