[uf-discuss] Usage microformats for educational organization.

Xasima Xirohata xasima at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 12:09:41 PST 2007

Hello. I would like to use the microformats for information system of
the educational organization. I've tried to figure out what the
information need to be presented at web-page on this system. After
getting this list i tried to find appropriate microformats for these
purposes. Unfortunately i'm newbie for this technologies, so I'm not
exactly sure if I 'm going to use the right microformat and if I
really need the extension for the current ones.

Now I propose some information and appropriate microformats i quess to
work with. Could you please help if the microformats 're determined
properly and if I need the extension for the known ones. Imagine you
're the lecture and have the page contained the following information:

1) contacts information (hcard)

2) project he involved, maintained or supervised (doap)

3) CV and the history of person's past activity (hresume)

4) the list of the publications (hatom)

5) the list of (open) problems that person is interested in (?)

6) the number or interested resources (and links) that person feel the
necessity to have on hand or propose for another ( rel-tag, tagspace,
xfolk) .

7) the courses that person 's already prepared (?)

8 ) the presentation, quizzes and additional resources that are
closely related to one or several courses (xfolk + tagspace + ?)

9) resources and book, software that person 'd like to recommend and
not to recommend (hreview + votelinks)

10) the event blog with the help of which the person want to inform
subscribers on the accidental unexpected room/lecture changes (tag +
tagspace + group policy + attention.xml + hcalendar)

11) the actual calendar that show when and where the person is free
for consultation, for getting help. This calendar differs from
traditional event line since it has the regular basis nature
(hcalendar, tags, ?).

12) the actual blog that the person want to express some topics in (atom, rss)

13) the place where you can ask the question. I mean it's like the
forum, but you've more advanced way of aggregating and subscribing on
the information than in traditional forums. And it's similar to the
blog, but having the last-commented-on-bottom model, in contrary with
the last-event-on-bottom model used in traditional blog system.
(attention.xml, ?)

14) the person I've different relationship with. Means I'm reading the
following person blogs, I'm supervising the following PhD students, I
regular dance with the following girls. I think it differs from the
XFN standard, but could be based upon. I believe that the main
advantages of public XFN/fried lists is in forcing the relationship
for public exploring and make the other persons informed why you are
and why they might would be interested in that person too. (xfn,
hreview, xoxo, ?, ?). This forcing is the only way to build social
network over.

15) It's desirable that the content of the slides should be annotated
with microformat and tags as well. It's possible with the help of the
system likes http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/s5/ (tagspace + extensive
XMDP profile)

16) the different communication networks through which the person is
available (like private or virtual Skype number, attached to the
permalink Skyped conference), (live chat / savehistoried live chat),
personal or virtual OpenIM number). (hcard + API ?)

17) status of the person provided over different networks (is he
online in Skype, is he in the DoNotDisturb mode), and the overall
status of the person that s/he decided to publish (like
custom's-status in the google talk (the music just playing in my list
and so on) or the status integrated with a mobile app).

18) wish list, that person consider worth to be gift for him (?)

Thus i wonder you to help with the proper use. I'm sorry to promote
the outside link on the blog..  if you want to read/discuss another
issues concerned on this education topic I have the post
that contains a little bit more information. Any way if you would
decide to discuss everithing here i'll create another mail to this
list to exploring additional questions.

Sorry for my poor experience in the field.
Best regards,
     ~ Xasima Xirohata ~

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