[uf-discuss] Vote Links: rel="voted-for"

Ara Pehlivanian ara.pehlivanian at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 12:24:28 PST 2007

> This is a very, very common mistake. So common, in fact, that the
> current HTML5 draft drops @rev. In the interest of keeping vote-links
> future compatible, we should rely on using both rel and rev. See the
> rel-faq [http://microformats.org/wiki/rel-faq#Should_.27rev.
> 27_even_be_used].

See, now THAT doesn't make sense. I just understood the difference
between rev and rel in relation to a Vote Link, and you need both. In
fact, any HTML spec should keep it--and doing away with it because
it's a common mistake is plain silly. It's too bad that the folks
doing HTML5 are cutting it out. Maybe we can convince them otherwise.
They'll be hobbling the spec if they do.


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