[uf-discuss] A dtstamp property for the geo microtag

Dimitrios Zachariadis telemetry_mail at yahoo.gr
Tue Jan 23 04:33:12 PST 2007


thank you very much for your reply.

> --- i think you need to ask, "is the currently being
> published in this
> way", and does it need to be examined to find the
> current publishing habits?

 You are right. The question is "is the current
publishing method adequate for" getting an one click
map out of a photo, a news article, or a history
article e.t.c? Can a user copy that piece of geotagged
info with a single click

So far, its been hard to find a few sites doing it.
Looking at some HTML code in geotagged pages, its easy
to get disappointed about the amount of effort needed
to include that little piece of information to tag the
info. The notion "in the right place at the right
time", which I take literally, is not reflected
cleanly in the code I've seen. So the question for me
is how to include a time dimension to a geotag.

Microformats looks by far the easiest and cleanest way
to do geotagging, but how to include time in it?

> > I was wondering if there is any reason to avoid
> using
> > the hCalendar "dtstamp" property inside a geo
> > microtag.
> --- depends. I'm not sure what you are trying to do?
Actually I'm trying to geotag+time information on road
related problems in a compact way.

> --- this is true, but GEO can be in hCal and hCard,
> so maybe it is
> best to use those WITH a GEO instead of GEO with
> extra bits in side?

I'll have another look in the hCal and hCard and see
if I can do it with these microformats as you suggest,
although I think hCard lacks an appropriate time
property, having only BDAY (birthday) and a TZ
(timezone) properties. Also, it is the compact form of
the geo microformat I am actually interested in. 

Thanks again


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