[uf-discuss] moving "latitude longitude shorthand" from brainstorming to geo, hCard

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Tue Jan 23 17:43:05 PST 2007

A while ago it was brainstormed that we allow a single text string to
contain a geo lat long coordinate:


To date there are now several examples in the wild using that syntax
successfully in their content, as well as implementation experience parsing
it (notably, Operator, per mkaply in IRC today).

In short, it appears we have enough successful experience with this
syntactic addition to "geo" (and hence hCard) to justify moving it from
brainstorming into the geo and hCard specs themselves.  Note that no new
semantics (properties or values) are being introduced.

Anybody out there have any real world examples of problems or issues with
this addition? (i.e. pages where you tried to add it and it didn't work or
caused problems, or implementations which tried to parse it but had

In addition - any general opinions or thoughts on the "latitude longitude



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