[uf-discuss] Authoritative hCards [was RE: Canonical hCards (was: Search on CSS element)]

Ara Pehlivanian ara.pehlivanian at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 06:51:38 PST 2007

> My concern about this is that many publishers (myself included) try
> to avoid linking a page to itself due to usability concerns, e.g. "I
> just clicked on that link and didn't go anywhere.  This site is broken."

Just a shot in the dark here, but couldn't the <a class="url" ...> be
assumed to be pointing to the hCard owner's site where it could be
further assumed that the authoritative hCard would reside? What's
more, if the href in the <a class="url"...> contained an id for the
actual hCard in question then you'd be pointing directly to the
correct hCard (in case the page contains multiple ones, for

An example would be: <a class="url"

In the case of the authoritative hCard itself it could simply point to
it's own id like so: href="#myInfo", though I can see what you mean
about it giving the impression that the link is broken. But it isn't
illegal code. As a matter of fact, the authoritative hCard should
probably contain a full url with id included for accessibility's sake
(otherwise if the hCard is ever exported it won't have a url, just an

Just my 2 cents,

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