[uf-discuss] hCode microformat proposal

anders conbere aconbere at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 19:30:20 PST 2007

All over the web there are code snippets and code examples, and just
plain people showing of little programs they've written.  This data is
typical acompanied by an author or list of authors, a lisence, the
language type and version and various other bits of meta data.  This
seems to me to be an excelent place for microformats.

First as a way to standardize this collection of metadata which might
help decrease the confusion over licensing and various other issues
that plague online code examples.

Second because this is data that in and of itself does nothing on the
web.  It has to be downloaded, and run in various other applications
to have any use.  Standardizing the format would allow for easy
download, collection and use of this data.

I wrote a little proposal regarding what I see as being a possible
schema etc. at http://anders.conbere.org/posts/code-microformat/

I don't have any real experience doing this kind of stuff so I welcome
comments, suggestions of criticism.  Really I just want to attempt to
get discussion started.


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