[uf-discuss] Microformats and forms

Nic James Ferrier nferrier at tapsellferrier.co.uk
Thu Jan 25 05:52:14 PST 2007

"Ara Pehlivanian" <ara.pehlivanian at gmail.com> writes:

>> e.g. this site needs my address details but luckily my browser has spotted their form will accept my hcard.
> Hi Chris, that's an interesting application idea but I think the idea
> behind a microformat is to describe content in the HTML document in a
> standardized format (based on common usage elsewhere such as vCard)
> rather than store it externally (for use by the browser to populate a
> form).

Surely there is scope for tying form parameters to microformat

If I want to recieve an address I might put input parameters for:


but if the form was marked to recieve an hcard then it could be
automatically populated by the browser (or greasemonkey, or whatever).

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