[uf-discuss] A Hello! (And a new extension...)

andy at whymicroformats.com andy at whymicroformats.com
Thu Jan 25 07:15:24 PST 2007


I'm a little late to the game, having not picked up on the specifics  
of Microformats until the dConstruct '06 talk. Since then we (a small  
group) have been toying with the possibility of a new browser  
extension; and have recently made it a reality. We are a little guilty  
of just getting our heads down & working, when maybe we should have  
been participating a little here...

A tiny handful of people have seen the alpha version - and we're  
presently desperately trying to fix the major issues. We'd really like  
the community's feedback next; and I will make the beta-ready version  
available within the week (you can have the alpha if you _really_ want  
- but I do not recommend it! - just email me).

The tentative website for the extension, WebCards, is  
http://webcards.whymicroformats.com (under a few articles I wrote -  
and would also appreciate any critique of - at  
As a very brief overview, it enables inline usage of Microformats  
(click on it in a page to get more functionality) and to create them  
for rapid deployment into blogs, forums, comments, etc.


PS I've just got word that Sam Sethi, who was one of the few alpha  
testers, has just posted an article with WebCards in it, at  

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