[uf-discuss] hCode microformat proposal

anders conbere aconbere at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 11:58:11 PST 2007

You certainly know more about it than I do, though I have no qualms
adding it to the wiki.  It certainly would solve a bunch of the issues
regarding the added markup for syntax highlighting.

As for where that should go... it seems to me like it could be sited
as an example of existing solutions, in that it attempts to maintain
the semantic html structure of the code block without muddling it with
styling.  It might also be a good thing to file under discussion.

~ Anders

On 1/25/07, Sven Fuchs <svenfuchs at artweb-design.de> wrote:
> Am 25.01.2007 um 19:41 schrieb anders conbere:
> > I've added a page to the wiki to catalog examples of source code being
> > published online and the ways they do that.
> >
> > http://microformats.org/wiki/code-examples
> CodeHighlighter is an example of a syntax highlighter written in
> unobtrusive Javascript that designates the programming language
> through the class attribute of a code tag:
> <pre><code class="ruby">
> # ruby code
> </code></pre>
> Blogarticle about CodeHighlighter:
> http://www.danwebb.net/2006/9/3/low-pro-unobtrusive-scripting-for-
> prototype
> Examples for markup (for CSS, HTML, Ruby code):
> http://svn.danwebb.net/external/CodeHighlighter/trunk/index.html
> Am I supposed to add this to the wiki myself?
> --
> Sven
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