[uf-discuss] wikia and hcard?

Benjamin West bewest at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 16:46:15 PST 2007

These folks just popped up on my radar, and I think there is a great
opportunity here.  I don't know too much about their requirements, but
this is a quote from the web page:
Of particular importance is developing a simpified system for entering
basic data about an individual. Individual articles vary in
organization, but all "person" articles include certain basic data
such as Date of Birth, Date of Death, Spouse, Children, etc. Because
of the nature of genealogy the same data often has to be entered on
several different articles. For example, a typical article includes a
list of the person's children (a child list). That list usually
includes basic information about the child, such as their date and
place of birth and maybe spouse, etc. Eventually each child on the
list may get a separate article as well. That article will include the
same information as given in each parent's "child" list. Currently,
that information has to be manually duplicated; what's needed is a
system that automatically creates the child page, and then transfers
the needed information from the parental page - as stand-alone
genealogy programs have been doing for years. It can probably be done
with text boxes, etc., but currently that doesn't seem to be a
capability of the wiki programming. An extension is needed to add that

Sounds like a great use case for rel and hcard to me.  Anyone have any
idea what a prototype for this would look like? We already have hcard
and rel creators, which might make a great starting point for someone.

Ben West

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