[uf-discuss] Re: XPN: Xhtml Professional Network - idea

Kilian Valkhof kilian at kilianvalkhof.com
Sun Jan 28 06:58:23 PST 2007

Thanks for all your replies to my XPN Idea,

I started a XPN-examples page, to see if we can get this off of the 
ground. ( http://microformats.org/wiki/xpn-examples )

A couple of replies to the discussion:

Steve Ganz; Former and current would be good additions, and thank's alot 
for posting what you've already done at linkedIn, I added it to the 
wiki. I can see some problems with XFN there, so we'll probably need to 
look into that.

Tara Hunt; Those are good additions too.(general question:) Can we add 
those to the examples pages, or would we need to make a XPN-ideas page, too?

Ben Buchanan; I don't really agree with you there, there are plenty of 
web development company's that have clients they do not concider 
friends. While there are those that do, I don't think we should alienate 
those that don't. A relationships microformat which incorporates both 
XFN and XPN would be a great solution indeed.

You are completely right about sliced and design not being a 
relationship. You are also right about defining global business 
relationships, It seems I wanted to define too much.

Tantek Çelik; Thanks for your reply, I decided to jump in and make a 
wiki page. I understand your concerns about it not being real world 
examples, But (I think) in essence any portfolio or client list 
currently tries to define those relationships.

Jonathan Williams; If a webdesign company made a website, it's made by 
the company; not by it's individual members. This would pose problems 
with projects not done by a company but by a group of individual 
persons. In that case the client relationships would still be legimate, 
right? It does have some crossover with hResume, I agree.

As I am fairly new at this, I wouldn't mind any gentle directions as to 
what I should and should not do.


Kilian Valkhof

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