Vote on this: rel="me self" to indicate an authoritative hCard {was: Re: [uf-discuss] Authoritative hCards [was RE: Canonical hCards (was: Search on CSS element)]}

Ben Ward lists at
Wed Jan 31 09:47:30 PST 2007

On 31 Jan 2007, at 17:24, Ara Pehlivanian wrote:
> Ben,
> Don't you think he has a point though? If you think of it, rel="me"
> could suffice in that it refers to yourself at another URL (in line
> with the idea of an authoritative hCard) and once you get there and
> read that hCard and discover that it doesn't contain a rel="me", you
> know you're at the authoritative card. In that sense, why add "self"?
> Or am I now missing something?

The authoratitive hcard will also contain @rel="me". Firstly, to  
fulfil XFN it must link back to the linking resource and as a full  
hCard it will still contain URLs with @rel="me" pointing to the other  
sites I own.

@rel=me indicates that the URL on the end of it belongs to the same  
@rel=self is adopted from the definition of self in Atom. Quoting  
John Allsopp: The "definition" of the self attribute value in Atom is  
"self: the feed itself".

My understanding therefore, is that @rel=me indicates that it is the  
same person. @rel=self indicates that it is the same hcard. Therefore  
the absolute authoritative hcard we speak of may (I expect will)  
contain other links with @rel=me but will not contain a link with  


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