[uf-discuss] hMood/hPresence?

Colin Barrett timber at lava.net
Wed Jan 31 09:56:49 PST 2007

On Jan 31, 2007, at 9:26 AM, Sam Sethi wrote:

> Personally I hope XMPP becomes the interoperable standard for  
> presence and
> then we an build apps on top of this? Twitter, Gmail and Joost are  
> all using
> XMPP and this potentially will allow me to set my presence, mood and  
> status
> in one app and have it ripple through to the others.

I sure hope so.

As an IM client developer (I work on Adium in my free time), I would  
absolutely love it if XMPP were used more -- it's an open standard  
which helps a lot during protocol implementation. It's not quite as  
nice as it could be, since XMPP is by definition highly extensible and  
it's feature set is vast. Trying to develop against a large, moving  
standard is not the most fun thing to do -- although it's a different  
type of not-fun from picking apart OSCAR packets. ;)

Investigating embedding microformats into XMPP is something that  
people have talked a lot about, but nobody has really done. As usual,  
it's those darn existing implementations that we shouldn't break that  
get in the way of progress ;)


(FWIW, there is/was an effort to develop a framework on OS X[1] for  
unified presence and messaging on that desktop, but development has  
sputtered and it's not really moving forward).

[1] http://chatkit.net

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