[uf-discuss] Authoritative hCards [was RE: Canonical hCards (was: Search on CSS element)]

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Mon Jan 29 23:20:39 PST 2007

In message <4E413EDE-9EA9-4645-BF58-59959F11BDCC at westciv.com>, John
Allsopp <john at westciv.com> writes

>When rel-license is inside an hReview, it is taken to be associated
>with the review,  rather than the larger fragment it would otherwise
>be associated with (e.g. post or page)
>I wonder whether that makes sense more generally - things apply at  the
>finest level of granularity at which it mkes sense - so  rel="bookmark
>self" applies to the microformatted content it is most  directly
>descended from.
>Are there reasons people think this is a bad idea?

Yes - a parser at that level of granularity will understand that, but
not something paring the whole page for licenses, which may have been
written before the more granular uF was created.

I've raised this issue previously, when the example was a page about an
individual, with their genealogy, and an hCard for their dead parent.
Tagging that hCard "deceased", as is currently suggested, would be
interpreted (or at least implied) by some parsers as tagging the subject
of the page as deceased.

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