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Wed Jan 31 07:07:25 PST 2007

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>I'm having a difficult time getting dialog started on this

I sympathise with that, but take heart form the fact that you're not
alone - all proposals seem to move very slowly (which may be reasonable,
in order that no rushed decisions are made), with long periods of total
inactivity (which are of no help in that regard). Look at "currency" for
an example - I've seen not a single argument against being able t mark
up amounts of money with a uF, and there are innumerable use cases, but
nothing has happened for ages.

Sadly I can't really help you with "code", as all my coding experience
is archaic, and predates the web.

My only expedience of publishing anything like code on the web is with
HTML examples in the uF, and similar, wiki pages; I'm sure you've
already got that covered.

Good luck, though, and keep at it!

Andy Mabbett

                        Welcome to the 28-day week!

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