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Patrick H. Lauke redux at splintered.co.uk
Mon Jul 2 14:13:50 PDT 2007

Benjamin West wrote:
> http://tantek.com/log/2005/06.html#d03t2359 "Principles of visibility
> and human friendliness".
> One question invisible metadata raises is if it's not worth seeing,
> why is it worth publishing?

Because tools/extensions expose them to end users in a way that is far 
more user/human friendly than merely making the raw metadata visible. 
Whether or not authors "forget" to update the metadata, or purposely try 
to game it, if it's not visible is an authoring/policy issue, not a 
technical issue that should be solved by a language's specification 
("because some bad people tried to do bad things with it, we're just not 
giving you the opportunity, full stop").

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