[uf-discuss] Multiple hCards

Rickards, Julian (NDM) julian.rickards at ontario.ca
Wed Jul 4 05:09:11 PDT 2007

Scott wrote:

> I just exported that page through X2V and got 3 vCards.  
> They're all in one .vcf file, though.  Do you want each vCard 
> in a separate file for some reason, or were you getting 
> something different?

Also, in Outlook 2003, I don't get 3 vCards, just one and it contains
only the first contact information.

I tried Technorati Contacts too and the same results.

I also tried using fragment identifiers
(http://jrickards.ca/hcard.html#arethafranklin) but that didn't work
either, I only got the first contact (James Brown).


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