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Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Wed Jul 4 12:04:18 PDT 2007

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>On 04/07/07, Thom Shannon <thom at ts0.com> wrote:
>> What would be the way to markup a hCard as being the definitive hCard on
>> a page. For example the page owner or author. My blog has hCards of
>> friends and commenters, as well as my own. But I'd like a programmatic
>> way to identify mine, mainly to access information about me at my openid.
>The <address> element is for signifying the page author.  This'd
>probably suit what you're looking for (<address class="vcard"> etc.).

That's fine when the primary subject of the page is it's author.

Imagine, though, a biography of Paul McCartney. It might mention that he 
was in a popular music ensemble with John Lennon, Ringo Star and George 
Harrison, produced by George Martin, and was married to Linda McCartney 
and someone else, and had children called Stella, Mary and so on.

The page's author might be, say, Hunter Davies.

Each of these people might have an hCard - but how do we indicate that 
Paul McCartney's hCard is the primary one for the page?

Andy Mabbett

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