[uf-discuss] Hidden metadata no microformats

Michael MD mdagn at spraci.com
Wed Jul 4 17:59:04 PDT 2007

> I've updated the FAQ to reflect that.
> I've still seen no citation for any *prohibition* of hidden data in 
> microformats...

I do think there is a valid case for being able to have *some* hidden items 
where humans can easily work out from other stuff that IS displayed what 
they are
but machines may still need them
- such as the case that was discussed here a few months ago of displaying 
the (adr or hcard) region or country in hcalendar items where it is assumed 
that people looking at the page would already know them because all the 
events are in the same city (the summary, dates, description, etc would 
still be visible) or where that information is already present in a 
human-readable form somewhere else on the page or it is obvious to humans 
(such as a site or section of a site about a certain city)

I'd say it is still better to include that extra information even if it has 
to be hidden!
- that extra data can still be useful to aggregators/search tools/export 
tools etc - and may in some cases be needed.

I don't think there should be ever be any case where visual design 
considerations cause people to omit important data,
they should still be able to include it somehow.

Forcing people to display EVERYTHING might cause lots of people out there to 
omit potentially useful data.

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