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Michael Smethurst Michael.Smethurst at bbc.co.uk
Thu Jul 5 01:59:54 PDT 2007

On 3/7/07 19:44, "Pelle W" <mejllistor at kodfabrik.se> wrote:

> Andy Mabbett skrev:
>>> Unfortunately, the database doesn't tell me whether an artist is a
>>> person or a group.
>> I empathise - I had the same trouble with bands vs. artist in the
>> relevant infobox on Wikipedia, Fortunately, it is possible for other
>> parameters used there, to distinguish between them.
>>> So in the meantime it's the best I can do with available data...
>> I wonder whether "no microformats" would be better than "broken
>> microformats"?
>> What do others think?
> I think that maybe all artist kan be considered a company because
> frankly their names are trademarks no matter if their own, a bands or
> something else.
> Britney Spears or Paris Hilton could both practically be caled Britney
> Spears Inc. or Paris Hilton Inc.

Unless I'm suffering more flashbacks than usual this seems like a slight
return to a conversation going on a couple of weeks back which never got

Seem to remember at the time I asked what the line of demarcation would be
between people as people and people as organisations. Are you just saying
music artists? What about actors, politicians, bloggers? Music artists who
act? Actors who become politicians? Politicians who blog?

Feels like you're splitting the world into 2 camps: celebrities and others.
Unless it's clearer what the logic is going on here I'm not happy to do this

> It's better with broken microformats than no - but perhaps it's better
> broken the way I suggest than the way it is now?

So I'm left with:

- implementing "broken" as at present

- changing the db, the model, the controller and the view and getting
editorial to flag groups and artists. This doesn't feel like a low impact
microformats addition and won't be done quickly

- pulling out the hcards. We're due to redeploy code on mon 16th july so
they could be gone by then

What happens next? Do people wanna vote? Options 1 and 3 only pls
> / Pelle
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