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Pelle W mejllistor at kodfabrik.se
Thu Jul 5 06:35:12 PDT 2007

Michael Smethurst skrev:
> But that wasn't the demarcation line I was talking about - I meant when does
> a person become an organisation? Is it a function of production or fame or
> what? If Bob Dylan is considered an organisation why not Bill Clinton?
Let's see if I can express my thoughts in a good way here.
What makes it difficult with artists is that some are just artists and 
others are bands. Politicians and other celebraties are always individuals.
Why do you say that Beatles made Yellow Submarine? Because thats the 
trademark they choosed to put on their music.
Here in Sweden we have a rapper who releases music under the trademark 
of Timbuktu. Everybody knows him as Timbuktu as if that would have been 
his name - not as many knows him as his real name Jason Diakité.
That a musical masterpiece by Elton John is made by Elton John - that 
everybody knows because he has choosen to write his own name on his music.

If I have a company, which I do, I can name that company after me myself 
"Pelle W Inc." or I can name it something else, at least theoretically, 
that I come up with like "Happy Fantasies Inc." or "Richard Smith Inc.".
If I choose to have my own name as my company name that doesn't make it 
less of a company name. Right?

Can't the same be said about artists? If a artist choose to have their 
own names as the trademark of their music - it's their choice but it 
doesn't make the rademark any less of a trademark. I'm just thinking - 
not saying that this is right at all.

/ Pelle

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