[uf-discuss] making img machine-readable

David Thompson microformats at fatbusinessman.com
Thu Jul 12 02:20:46 PDT 2007

Guillaume Lebleu wrote:
> Let's say a web page uses an image such as a checkmark or green/red 
> light to represent a boolean, for instance the availability/status of a 
> product or a program.
> What would be the suggested best practice to make this human-readable 
> content machine-readable as well?

Ok, maybe I'm missing something here, but isn't the 'alt' attribute 
precisely what you're looking for?

I'm not certain about other Microformats, but the hCard spec says:

 > If an <img> element is used for one or more properties, it must be
 > treated as follows:
 >    1. For the 'photo' property and any other property that takes
 > a URL as its value, the src="..." attribute provides the property
 > value.
 >    2. For other properties, the <img> element's 'alt' attribute is
 > the value of the property.

David Thompson

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