[uf-discuss] [hReview] Best way to find book reviews

Conor O'Neill conor at loudervoice.com
Wed Jul 25 07:30:12 PDT 2007

me at sergiosantos.info wrote:
> I've been thinking about creating an aggregator of book reviews, based on
> the hReview format. People just needed to drop their website link and it
> would ping it regularly for new reviews. But since the microformat has a
> field 'type' where the best description for a book e product, the parser
> could also get several reviews non-related with books. On the hReview FAQ
> it advises to use to book rel='tag' to specify more the type of the
> review, this doesn't seem to be a common practice in the Examples in the
> wild. So I ask you what would be the best way to find the book reviews.
> Asking for everyone to put the book tag and probably losing hundreds of
> reviews already out there without it? Run the title of the review against
> the Amazon database?
> Thanks in advance for any feedback.
> Sérgio Santos
> www.sergiosantos.info
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Hi Sérgio,

Our site LouderVoice is a general hreview aggregator and we took the 
basic approach of using tags. We have both search 
(http://www.loudervoice.com/search?q=book) and tags 
(http://www.loudervoice.com/tags/book), but even there you can see a big 
disparity between the search count and the tag count, so I understand 
your concerns. Have you looked at that Amazon->hreview tool? I can't 
find the URL right now.


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