[uf-discuss] uf talk

Thom Shannon thom at ts0.com
Fri Jul 27 07:18:13 PDT 2007

I've put my name down to give a talk at the next GeekUp in Liverpool and 
I think microformats would be a good topic. I can talk about the 
different formats and the process, and some of the consumers like the 
browser plugins and technoratis search engine.

What else can I put in there? I want to try and show this group of web 
devs why they should be using ufs, what convinced you they were a good 
idea? Also what are the best examples of them being adopted by major 
sites, I know upcoming use them a lot, and there are some on flickr 
aren't there?

Any news on developments in Firefox 3 if people know, and word from the 
MSIE team? (There was something in a job ad from MS wasnt there?)


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